Overwhelming: A Reflection of My First Step

There’s only one word I can use to accurately describe freshman year – overwhelming.

There was…An overwhelming amount of activities. An overwhelming amount of people. An overwhelming amount of assignments, readings and tests. An overwhelming amount of to-do lists, meetings and appointments.

But also…An overwhelming amount of joy. An overwhelming amount of love. An overwhelming amount of support. An overwhelming amount of friends that become family. An overwhelming amount of challenges conquered.

When I moved in last fall, I never expected to feel so overwhelmed, and overjoyed, by the University of Oklahoma. I finished my freshman year tonight. It was by far the most challenging semester of my life. I took my first real journalism class (referred to as the weed-out Gaylord class), my first Honors College class (which I loved!!!), and my first college science class (does nutrition count?). They were difficult, but I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in each of them.

I fell in love with campus – the South Oval flowers, the lower level of the Biz, and especially the Gaylord balcony. I met the most amazing people on campus – shout out to Nat and Kristen, I love you guys so much. My roomies crushed it in the apartment department – thanks Mal, Brittney and Laura (aka mom).

I can’t express how much I’ve learned in my first year. There are so many things I wish I could tell seniors as they start their college journeys, but I’ll just stick to a few…

  1. Talk to people. You seriously never know which stranger is going to become your new best friend and confidant. College is REALLY hard. You need people on campus that will love, support and encourage you.
  2. Stay away from dramatic people. Trust me, the last thing you need during the busiest time of your life is drama. These people are typically toxic and selfish. Instead surround yourself with people who will build you up and that you can build up.
  3. Go out and do crazy things. (but not too crazy). Don’t bog yourself down in homework, studying and grades 100 percent of the time. Go have fun.
    A few ideas: Classic’s Sprittle dates, Campus Corner shopping, movies in Meacham, CAC events, football games. Seriously, the last one is a must.
  4. Surround yourself with good people … but don’t be afraid to be alone sometimes. It’s really refreshing to just stay in for the night or even two, watching Netflix, reading, relaxing and even sleeping. College is crazy busy; don’t feel obligated to have your schedule full from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. R&R is a MUST.
  5. Stay in-touch with your relationship with God. Don’t let the busyness of the world detract from the stillness of the Lord.
  6. Call your parents. Often. You need them more than you think, and they miss you more than you think.
  7. Take in as many moments as you can. It goes by so fast.

“Sometimes you will think you can’t take it another day. But if you hang in there, one step at a time, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagined.” – Taya Kyle

One step down, three to go.
With freshman year in the books, there’s only one more thing to say….