Amor de Mis Amores — Love of Loves


Hola! Yo hablaré sobre la película “Amor de Mis Amores,” dirigido por Manolo Caro. En esta película, dos personas se encuentran, se enamoran, y destruyen sus relaciones. (Hello! I’m going to talk about the movie “Love of My Loves,” directed by Manolo Caro. In this movie, two people meet, fall in love, and destroy their relationships.)

Las personajes principales son Carlos, Lucía, León y Ana. Carlos es un hombre muy guapo, que comprometido a Lucía. Él es apasionado y cariñoso. Aquí, Lucía es una mujer muy interesante. Ella es idealista, curiosa, y muy complicada. León, esto hombre, es un hombre muy coqueto, guapo, pero un poco infantil. Él está comprometido para casarse con Ana, quien es una mujer muy independiente, bonita, y aventura. Todas las personajes principales tienen historias complicadas. (The main characters are Carlos, Lucia, León and Ana. Carlos is a very handsome man that is engaged to Lucia. He is passionate and caring. Here, Lucía is a very interesting woman. She is idealistic, curious and very complicated. León, that man, is very flirtatious, handsome, but a little bit childish. He is engaged to be married to Ana, who is a very independent, beautiful and adventurous woman. All of the main characters have complicated histories.)

Primero en la película, Lucía y Carlos están en el aeropuerto. Carlos va a viajar a España para buscar por su hermano. Lucía está enojada porque los dos van a casarse en el próximo sábado. Después, mientras Lucía manejaba a una cita para recoger su vestido de matrimonio, ella chocó contra con un hombre. (At the beginning of the movie, Lucía and Carlos are in the airport. Carlos is leaving to visit Spain in order to find his brother. Lucía is angry because the two of them are getting married in following Saturday. Later, while Lucía is driving to an appointment to pick up her wedding dress, she hits a man.)

Lucía y el hombre, León, tienen una conexión instantánea. (Lucía and the man, León, have an instant connection.)

Más tarde, Lucía lo sorprendió a León en el banco. Pero de repente, había un robo. Los ladrones exigieron que todas las personas se quitaron la ropa. Después del robo, Lucía y León tienen relaciones sexuales en el coche. (Much later, Lucía surprises León at the bank. But suddenly, there was a robbery. The thieves demanded that everyone remove their clothing. After the robbery, Lucía and León have sex in the car.)

Todo se volvió mala cuando León terminó su relación con Ana, y Ana y Carlos regresaron a México. (Everything went badly when León ended his relationship with Ana, and Ana and Carlos returned from Mexico.)

Finalmente, Lucía le dijo a Carlos que pasó. Él estaba muy enojado y triste, pero él le perdonó a ella. Ana no le perdonó León. Lucía estaba muy enojado con León porque él no le dijo que él tenía una novia. (Finally, Lucía told Carlos what had happened. He was very angry and sad, but he forgave her. Ana did not forgive León. Lucía was very angry with León because he didn’t tell her that he had a girlfriend.)

Eventualmente, Lucía regresó a Carlos y los dos se casaron. También, Ana y Javier, el hermano de Carlos, se hicieron amigos y posible más…;) (Eventually, Lucía returned to Carlos and they got married. Also, Ana and Javier, the brother of Carlos, became good friends and possibly more…;))

En general, me gusta la película mucho. La película es extraña y una poca romántica. Como sigue la película, me encantaba Ana y Javier. Los dos son lindos. Me gustan los actores y me gusta la cinematografía. (In general, I liked the movie a lot. It was strange but a little romantic. As the movie continue, I loved Ana and Javier. The two are cute. I liked the actors and the cinematography as well.)

No me gustaba León en al final de la película ni como la película hizo Ana paracío loca. No me gusta como las chicas están obsesionadas con sus pesos antes de la boda. (I didn’t like León at the end of the movie or when the movie made Ana seem crazy. I didn’t like how the girls are obsessed with their weight before the wedding either.)

Amor de Mis Amores recibió seis punto dos estrellas en IMDB. Algunos críticos creen que esta película no es realista, y hay escenas que no tienen sentido en la historia, pero yo recomiendo esta película para verte. (Amor de Mis Amores received 6.2 stars on IMDB. Some critics think this movie is not realistic and there are scenes that don’t make sense in the story, but I still recommend this movie for you to see.)

Overwhelming: A Reflection of My First Step

There’s only one word I can use to accurately describe freshman year – overwhelming.

There was…An overwhelming amount of activities. An overwhelming amount of people. An overwhelming amount of assignments, readings and tests. An overwhelming amount of to-do lists, meetings and appointments.

But also…An overwhelming amount of joy. An overwhelming amount of love. An overwhelming amount of support. An overwhelming amount of friends that become family. An overwhelming amount of challenges conquered.

When I moved in last fall, I never expected to feel so overwhelmed, and overjoyed, by the University of Oklahoma. I finished my freshman year tonight. It was by far the most challenging semester of my life. I took my first real journalism class (referred to as the weed-out Gaylord class), my first Honors College class (which I loved!!!), and my first college science class (does nutrition count?). They were difficult, but I learned so much about myself and what I wanted in each of them.

I fell in love with campus – the South Oval flowers, the lower level of the Biz, and especially the Gaylord balcony. I met the most amazing people on campus – shout out to Nat and Kristen, I love you guys so much. My roomies crushed it in the apartment department – thanks Mal, Brittney and Laura (aka mom).

I can’t express how much I’ve learned in my first year. There are so many things I wish I could tell seniors as they start their college journeys, but I’ll just stick to a few…

  1. Talk to people. You seriously never know which stranger is going to become your new best friend and confidant. College is REALLY hard. You need people on campus that will love, support and encourage you.
  2. Stay away from dramatic people. Trust me, the last thing you need during the busiest time of your life is drama. These people are typically toxic and selfish. Instead surround yourself with people who will build you up and that you can build up.
  3. Go out and do crazy things. (but not too crazy). Don’t bog yourself down in homework, studying and grades 100 percent of the time. Go have fun.
    A few ideas: Classic’s Sprittle dates, Campus Corner shopping, movies in Meacham, CAC events, football games. Seriously, the last one is a must.
  4. Surround yourself with good people … but don’t be afraid to be alone sometimes. It’s really refreshing to just stay in for the night or even two, watching Netflix, reading, relaxing and even sleeping. College is crazy busy; don’t feel obligated to have your schedule full from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. R&R is a MUST.
  5. Stay in-touch with your relationship with God. Don’t let the busyness of the world detract from the stillness of the Lord.
  6. Call your parents. Often. You need them more than you think, and they miss you more than you think.
  7. Take in as many moments as you can. It goes by so fast.

“Sometimes you will think you can’t take it another day. But if you hang in there, one step at a time, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagined.” – Taya Kyle

One step down, three to go.
With freshman year in the books, there’s only one more thing to say….